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Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Here at Perth Healthy Living our objective is to help you define and achieve optimal health and happiness. For many this can be just feeling physically better. For others this could be far more comprehensive - incorporating physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual health. Here we have a variety of tools at our disposal, and great referrals to help you on your path to true health and vitality :). 


Our modern lifestyle and medical system leaves a lot to be desired! Lifestyle diseases are now the leading cause of death around the word (WHO), with 1/3 of Australia's burden of disease due to 'lifestyle risk' (google :)). And while it is easy to lay the blame at the individuals feet, little is really been done to make our environment a safe one. For example, with our lives so busy and stressful, and fast food so easy and cheap - is it little wonder that at the end of the day the easiest and cheapest option is the one we will take?


 Types of Current Stressors:

  • Stress of work, family, social etc

  • Pollution and toxins

  • Minimal rest / down time - little or poor sleep quality

  • Poor quality food - additives, highly processed, minimal nutritional value

  • Dehydration

  • Sedentary lifestyles

  • Thinking patterns


 With so many stressors in our lives today we often feel overwhelmed when we become unwell. Our medical system seems to have an easy solution to every perceivable symptom - so again, we go straight to a doctor for a quick fix! But disease is a symptom of poor health and it is a consequence of living unhealthily. Here we do not focus on the disease, but in re-establishing optimal health so that your body has the best chance to heal. Disease is the motivation and guide to helping us identify where changes need to be made. As my teacher (Paul Chek) likes to say 'Is someone who is suffering a headache really suffering from an aspirin deficiency?' :) Here we endeavour to give you the tools to find better choices and the ability to follow through - so that you can create a life that is supportive of you.


What we do

Here at Perth Healthy Living we work with the individual person - we are all very different and there is no such thing as 'one model fits all'. We work together to determine what is right for you, then we focus on incorporating manageable lifestyle modifications that have long term, lasting results.


We focus on empowering the individual to meet their health goals through:


  • One on one lifestyle coaching

  • Nutrition resources and practical skill building

  • Comprehensive health assessments

  • Comprehensive core and back assessments

  • Movement coaching


Benefits of Holistic Lifestyle Coaching include:


  • Healthy weight loss

  • decreased pain

  • Stress reduction

  • Improved digestion

  • Improved health

  • Increased energy levels and motivation

  • Improved sports performance

  • Reduction in the aging process

  • Improved concentration and memory

  • Improved personal relationships


Achieving health and happiness is not always as simple as it seems. Here we use an integrated approach with quality referrals as/when appropriate. Typically we work with the 4 doctors first - Diet, Quiet, Happiness and Movement - and then progress as the individual case dictates.



Our body needs Real Whole Food!!! But what is right for you? We need to determine the right food for your body, but also how to encourage the right balance of microflora in your digestive tract (they out number you 10:1 so it is a good idea to get them on board :) ). 


Do you get enough rest?  Do you wake feeling refreshed? What about adequate down time? Todays society is very stressful and action orientated - we are on the go all day long.  We are far removed from the natural environment in which our bodies developed.


Being happy is pretty much on everyones 'goal list'. But what does being happy mean to you? Is it financial success? A pain free body? Having children? The outlook and attitudes we cultivate over our life hugely impacts stress perception and generally contentment.


Our bodies are not designed to be so sedentary. We are supposed to be able to get up and down from the ground - with ease - many times a day! It does not have to be about competing in athletic endeavours, but about regular movement with free easy mobility.

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