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Yumeiho Therapy

​Yumeiho therapy is a holistic Japanese full body massage that can produce great results for sufferers of musculoskeletal pain. It is a therapeutic method based on manual actions performed on the entire human body for maintaining or improving health. 


In western medicine, manual therapies are traditionally separated into reformation therapies with emphasis on readjustment of the bone framework (Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Seitaiho) and muscles therapies (massage, aromatouch, acupuncture). However there are many therapies that incorporate both aspects (Structural Integration, Yoga, Thai massage and Shiatsu - to name just a few!).


Yumeiho therapy also incorporates both objectives, using special stretching and rocking movements combined with a gentle deep tissue massage to produce fast and effective pain relief. It is an advanced bodywork system featuring the seamless integration of soft tissue therapy with gentle joint stretching.

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