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Welcome to OhmYoga, a yoga school run by Kathy Menon; a Knoff yoga teacher, KMI Structural Integrator and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach.


OhmYoga offers a unique perspective on yoga. While very traditional in its application of poses, breathing and asanas, the integration of several health modalities has resulted in a unique and individualised therapeutic perspective especially relevant to yoga.


Kathy's rare combination of skills means the yoga offered here is uniquely catered to the individual. Her insight into movement and understanding of body mechanics enables her to provide guidance specifically suited to the individuals needs. In each class there is an emphasis on step-by-step progression, student individuality, past and present injuries, current health, lifestyle and life experience - care is taken to progress each student appropriately.


OhmYoga encourages students to develop a strong foundation with regular practice and caters to all levels. Classes are small with a more 'workshop' type format - questions are encouraged :). Emphasis is also places on increased awareness of lifestyle and its impact on our personal health and the world at large.


Students enjoy mental clarity, enhanced physical strength, greater flexibility, improved posture and an overall sense of mental emotional and physical wellbeing and spiritual awareness.

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