Psychosomatic Therapy

The body, mind and spirit are one - they are simply different expressions of the same 'substance'. Just as our mind records the events and experiences of our lives, so does our body. The body stores a 'cellular memory' of our experiences and stories, which over time can create physical changes (posture, pain, illness) in the body. 


Psychosomatic therapy is a process of bringing awareness of the interplay between the mind and the body and the stories we carry. As our emotional, mental and physical experiences are held in the body, we can learn so much about who we are and why we do what we do. When we live a life unaware of this connection, we tent to accumulate redundant behaviours, habits and attitudes that are not supportive of our higher self. We can get stuck in physical pain patterns, or emotional rollercoasters, or behaviour patterns we just can't break... (the creativity of the soul in expressing itself is vast and unique to each individual person :) ). Thus psychosomatic therapy aims at educating and guiding people through the process of releasing story from the body.



What happens in Psychosomatic Therapy sessions:

The process involves understanding what your objectives are, your health history, and reading the body (face, hands, feet, body) which generally includes the taking of photos. Movement patterns and breath are also often assessed. Once thorough assessment has been completed and discussed, manual therapy and postural work is then incorporated to help shift and release that which is ready to move!


Note: I have found over the years that these types of therapies encourage us to believe we have complete control and choice in 'letting stuff go' (so do it right now!). But something that I have noticed in this work and in myself personally - it just doesn't happen that way! I find the philosophy that you can shift anything immediately (while might be doable for some) leads to a sense of failure within us when we can't manifest the change we are looking for. 


I do believe shifts can happen very quickly, particularly when you approach your story from as many angles as possible (e.g. manual therapy, energy therapy, talk therapy...). But sometimes the process of release involves layers that take time to progress through. In these cases I have found that becoming tuned in to what you are really looking to shift, asking for the shift, then letting life guide you to the people/techniques (even if it seems obscure!) the most effective way :).

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