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"I saw Kathy for help with posture problems but ended up with more than just a better posture. I learnt about myself and realized that there were some aches and pains that I didn't actually have to put up with, and was able to take steps to correct issues I didn't even know were causing me pain until they were gone... After the second session my posture improvement was noticed and commented on by people I work with. I am now also able to breath more freely and feel like i have a wider range of motion in my neck and shoulders. Over 12 sessions I managed to wean off of large amounts of medication for a depressive illness and am now completely medication free. During the series, Kathy helped with emotional release through the SI massage and together we learnt more about my physical and mental state and strength. Through her guidance and support, I was able to take control of those issues rather than have them controlling me - which is how it felt before. Because of this new strength and understanding of myself I made some huge lifestyle changes including relationships, career and living situations. In fact, during my sessions my entire life changed for the better... I know it sounds cliche, but my life really did change in ways I didn't think going to see someone about your posture would. I'm not sure where I would be now without her help and highly recommend her to everyone. You have no idea what amazing personal growth can happen as a side effect!"

Amy - Personal Trainer

"It is with much pleasure that I am writing this testimonial for Kathy Menon – a very skilled practitioner for Structural Integration.  I am now on my third round of the 12 series – and the second series with Kathy.  The SI process is very interesting and where I was anticipating a slightly heavy-handed massage to rid my body of knots and tight spots – I was completely unprepared for what it is actually is.  The systematic approach to working through the muscle groups within the body is very powerful and given that I am close to 60, I am amazed at the difference it has made to me over the last three years.

I now have an awareness of how my body stands, sits, moves – how I hold myself in different situations and how my posture mirrors where my emotional body is sitting.  With this mindfulness, I understand that I don’t have to slouch or slump in my chair, I am mindful of how I walk and where my weight is distributed within my frame.  All of this assists to reduce the age related aches and pains as well as the legacy of some fairly aggressive sporting activities during my young days.

One of the interesting correlations that I have noticed is that with the physical changes, I have made significant life changes as well.  It is as though unlocking the stiffness in my body has released the momentum to move forward in life and change the habits and behaviours that no longer work well for me.  Whilst I am not totally pain free, my pain levels are very mild compared to how they were pre-Structural integration and the need to constantly stay on top of it with painkillers has significantly reduced – and that has to be a plus.

As a Practitioner, I find Kathy to be incredibly professional and compassionate.  Her quiet demeanour is very reassuring as she expertly works her way through the muscle groups in each area of the body.  I find that she is very knowledgeable and able to answer any questions I throw at her in relation to the treatment received.  Kathy is also very insightful and her intuition is quite uncanny at times – her ability to read the body and identify what I am holding on to is quite amazing.  This is a fairly confronting process and therefore, it is important that the environment supports the person – and Kathy’s treatment room does exactly that.  It has a lovely ambience, is very calming, spacious and comfortable.

I cannot speak highly enough of this process and the benefits that it offers.  What is really important in such a personal modality of treatment – is the Practitioner – and Kathy is the person to see."

Carol - Office Administrator

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